The Concept


Here at Maple Green Fine Foods we have been involved in developing and supplying foods to the restaurant and catering industry for years, and our first pizza was, in fact, produced in 2014, involving a lot of trial and error in order to make what we now are proud to call the perfect pizza, one with a thin crust, crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, as well as being, of course, as tasty as possible.

It seemed that lots of people agreed that we had managed to achieve just that, and our pizzas have become a firm favourite. With the onset of Covid19, lockdown, and people not being able to visit restaurants, but still wanting guaranteed delicious food, we came up with the exciting concept of “Wedoughit4U.” 

Everything you need to create the perfect pizza: a ready rolled out pizza base, delicious mozzarella cheese with exactly the right stringy consistency, and our special, homemade pizza sauce and the toppings of your choice are posted out direct to you in a single box, ready for you to pop in your oven and enjoy with family and friends, or, of course, on your own! The bases, the sauce, the cheese  and all the toppings are individually packaged, so you can use them when you want to, and once you have opened it, all that remains is to add the sauce and cheese and cook it.

So, if you would like to share in the perfect pizza experience, delivered direct to your door, just order your kit, go to the checkout, and let us do the rest. 


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